Guided Trance - Your journey

Your journey with Lady Susan


This guided mesmeric trance invites you to be a curious traveler to your subconsciousness. It is a very comfortable and suitable journey. So amazingly!


You never thought to find so a lot of accommodativeness!

But it is you of yourself, it is really your journey, it is your intuition. Your intuition will bring you forward to your own trance and along the way, you will feel your well-being and you will be caught napping on your discovery!


One of your rediscoveries could be forgotten resources, clearness and, to tell the truth, much more than words can say! So your journey will be a present for yourself and moreover will bring you a souvenir from your subconsciousness to your consciousness – in the here and NOW!


That is really true self-esteem!


(Lenght: 37:12 min.)


Lady Susan
Victoria Elisabeth Anne Mary


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Vita Lady Susan

Lady Susan is british, she grew up in Northern Ireland.

She is very well educated in medicine, psychology, philosophy, and religion science. Her four studies she did in Belfast, London, Marseilles and Barcelona.

Moreover she is educated in naturopathic as for example homeopathic and acupuncture in Shanghai, Moskow and Germany. She came over to Germany working there in her own naturopathic practice.


In the year of 2003 she founded the „Center of interactive Medicine“ in the South of Germany. Furthermore she developed her own method to work with hypnosis. In the center she trains therapists using her so called „communicative hypnosis“ which also covers philosohical principles.


She is an author and has her own series of CD´s in the german language „Geführte Trance von und mit Susan Fischer“ and the english CD „Guided Trance with Lady Susan“.